Workout of the Day

Thursday, Dec 15th

Today: 15-20 for Pull-up mechanics.  A better strict and/or kipping pull-up METCON: AMRAP in 12 minutes of 100 Double unders Row 1000 12 Strict Pull-ups *for those with good strict pull-ups scale up to ring muscle-ups.

Weds, Dec 14th

Today: 15 minutes to establish a heavy Snatch METCON: EMOM for 12 minutes @70 of previously established snatch permorm 1 Power Snatch 1 Snatch 1 Overhead Squat

Tuesday, Dec 13th

Today: 10-15 Minutes Handstand and handstand push-up practice METCON 4 Rounds for quality of movement of: :30 Max Effort Handstand Pushups (Kipping or strict) :30 Rest :30 Max Effort V-Ups :30 Rest :30 Max ring dip hold *hold at top… Read more »

Monday, Dec 12th

Today: Strength: Back Squat 6×3 at 85% of 1Rm METCON: 3 Rounds for total reps of: 1:00 ME power cleans 185/125 (drop each rep) 1:00 ME toes to bar 1:00 ME wall balls 1:00 rest  

Thursday, Dec 8th

Today: Strength: Perform 5 perfect Sumo Deadlifts.   Weight does not need to be heavy. Sumo Deadlift performed at West Side Barbell Then, Perform 10 reps of perfect barbell good mornings. *DL and Gm’s are done separately. METCON 3 rounds 50… Read more »

Weds, Dec 7th

Today: Strict Press 1rm Push Press 3Rm Jerk 5RM *Learn to bring the bar down safely during your warm-up.  The bar should be brought down with some built up ECCENTRIC CONTRACTION.  Eccentric contraction is the ability to oppose the load… Read more »

Tuesday, Dec 6th

Don’t forget that our Holiday party is coming up on the 17th of December.  The Johnson family will be hosting so check out the event on the whiteboard and/or the Facebook community page. Today: 1) 5 Rounds of: :30 V-ups… Read more »