Dan Broughton

Rest Day

  Happy Wednesday everyone! The past few days have been tough as far as workouts, so take advantage of the days we don’t have classes and relax. Rest is very important when you are exercising regularly. You’ve all been working… Read more »

Scaling for Success

Essentially, CrossFit bootcamp is just “modified CrossFit”. The WODs are programmed based off of CrossFit movements and techniques that we can do without the heavy weights. In CrossFit, we have these workouts called “Hero WODs” and “The Girls”. They’re benchmark… Read more »

Meet Your Teammates

Today we’ll be doing a partner WOD, but I want everyone to partner up with someone they don’t know or haven’t partnered with before. Get to know them and learn some fun facts about them today. The best way to… Read more »

Summer Time!!

How about that weather?? It’s finally looking a little more like summer. The most important thing to remember as the temperature outside increases is to drink LOTS OF WATER!! The last thing you want to happen is to suffer from… Read more »

Bring a Friend Days

“Bring a Friend Days” are coming up everyone! If any of you have friends or family who you think would enjoy bootcamp or want to see what it’s all about, you’ll have the chance to bring them this month! On… Read more »

Weekend Reminders

Just a reminder for anyone who hasn’t seen the email: This Saturday’s class will be moved to Sunday (for the last time). I’ll be attending a seminar to further expand my fitness knowledge, and hopefully be able to bring a… Read more »