Dan Broughton

Tabata Time!!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to Flip Flop Day yesterday! We had a great turnout and had a lot of fun 🙂 There will be more new members coming soon! Awesome job to those of you… Read more »

Friday Flip Flop Day!!

Remember, KBC Flip Flop Day at Tropical Smoothie is happening tomorrow! Free workout and a free smoothie.. who would pass that up?? I’m really looking forward to seeing how the event turns out. I hope a lot of you can… Read more »

Upcoming Events

Make sure you all check your emails for upcoming events!! If you didn’t receive an email, please let me know and I’ll make sure I have the right address for you. KBC Flip Flop Day at Tropical Smoothie (Hoadly Rd…. Read more »

Bootcamp Gettin Big

Lots of new bootcampers have joined lately! Keep spreading the word and bringing your friends whenever you can. Super proud of all of you and the progress everyone has made so far. Keep up the great work 🙂 Saturday, June… Read more »

Coach Sara!

For those of you who haven’t met Sara Wood yet, she will be your coach today for the 11:30 am class! She’s also a top coach here at CrossFit Woodbridge. My teammate, roommate, mentor, and above all one of my… Read more »

Rain Rain Go Away!!

It looks like this week is going to be a pretty wet one! We’ll keep the morning classes inside and we’ll try to hold the afternoon classes inside as well if we can find enough space. If not, we’ll be… Read more »


5th place finish this weekend!! For our first year at Regionals, that’s not too shabby. Thanks to everyone for your support throughout the weekend! Today we’ll be doing a type of WOD we haven’t done yet.. a ladder! For these… Read more »