Dan Broughton

  Give me an update on the nutrition when you see me next.  I want to know if you’ve made any changes to the diet in the last week.  Positive or negative results, let’s hear all of them. Today: EMOM… Read more »

Station party

station party today guys. I need max effort at a station then move on to the next.  Work hard for a given time then rest!  See you tomorrow! Today: 1 minute at each station, 3 rounds: Battle ropes Burpees Box… Read more »

tabata time

Hope everyone got something out of the nutrition class we had on Saturday.  Remember to try and take one small thing out that you know is unfavorable this week.  Also, if you can look at your plate and see all… Read more »

Nutrition Saturday

Guys, hopefully everyone can make the Saturday class.  I want to give some tips and a short lesson on nutrition moving forward.  I know some of you have expressed interest in this so I hope to have a good showing…. Read more »

Grit and grind

Ladies and gentlemen a new week is upon us!!  Are you setting goals for each day, week or month that you would like to reach?  Let Jeff and I know in the comment section. Today: 15 minute AMRAP 5 Ring… Read more »

Partner stuff

Hey ya’ll great week at Kinetic Bootcamp!  I’m proud of everyone for pushing hard.  We’re gonna do a little partner WOD today at 9am. With a partner complete… 70 Dumbell Push press 60 Wall balls 50 Ball slams 40 Dumbell… Read more »

Great class!

  Great class today you guys!!  I’m also excited about the new times.  I think it will be good for everyone and THANK YOU for your feedback and input.  Here you go.. Today: 5 minute AMRAP of 15 Jumping lunges… Read more »

Hey guys!  I sent out an email today to all of you–I really hope you all received it.  This Saturday will be my last day at Crossfit Woodbridge.  I received an amazing job opportunity, and I’m so excited about it. … Read more »