Tuesday, July 9th

Gymnastic Pulling Strength: Bent Over Barbell Row (clean grip) 4×6-8 Supinated Grip Chin-Over Bar Holds – 4xmax Rest 90s

We’re going to be combining our horizontal with our pulling strength today. Bent over barbell rows should be performed with a slight bend in the knees, torso as close to 90 degrees as possible without rolling our shoulders forward, pulling bar up to the sternum. Immediately after we will perform supinated grip (palms facing in) chin-over bar holds. Scaling options can use a light band for assistance, but the band should be lower than we would normally use for assisted pull ups.

Fight Gone Bad Style: (4 rounds) 60s Box Jumps 24″/20″ | Step Ups | lower box 60s Dumbbell Deadlifts 50/35 | 35/25 | 25/15 60s Wall Balls 20/14 | 14/10 | 10/6 60s DB Push Press 50/35 | 35/25 | 25/15 1 minute rest

Today’s Fight Gone Bad style workout is going to have movements that will really ramp up our heart rate if we push each round. We will have 1 full minute of rest after each of the 4 rounds to recovery, score is total reps.