Wednesday, July 3rd

Running WOD #3 4 Rounds: 400m Sprint 100m Farmer Carry 53/35

Running WOD: Today we’ll have 4 400m sprints, but our rest will be a slow farmer carry for ~60s. Because of the farmer carry we expect our speed on the sprints to drop slightly, however feel that decreased load after you drop the KBs and go back to your next sprint. Consider running from the 400m mark – 800m mark for sprints.

Front Squat: 8×1 w/ 5 second pause @ 80% DONE AFTER WOD

Strength: Our focus today is maintaining position and core under a heavier load. We do not want to see any relaxing at the bottom of the squat, elbows staying high while shoulders and core are braced. After 5 seconds, we want to see little to no re-dip to initiate the drive back up.