Thursday, June 27th

Gymnastic Strength: 5 Sets: 1 Rope Climb | As High As Possible | 3 Rope Pulls 5-10 Strict Pull Ups | Assisted Strict | Ring Rows Rets 90s

Gymnastic Strength: Today we’re going to focus on the rope climbs and spend 5-10 minutes working on the foot brake. Then we will perform 5 working sets of 1 rope climb (for those proficient, attempt legless), followed by 5-10 strict pull ups. Our focus is to fatigue our pulling muscles (lats, biceps, ect) so that each progressive round requires more focus on using our legs on the climbs rather than our arms.

AMRAP 12 6 Strict HSPU | 1-2 mats | Pike Push Ups 9 Ring Dips | Assisted Ring Dip | Bench Dips 12 Alt DB Snatch 50/35 | 35/25 | 25/15

Workout – this is going to be more of a muscular endurance workout today for our upper body. Because of this, lets really focus on big hip drive and extension on the snatch, utilizing as little upward pull as possible for them.