Sunday, June 24th

Running WOD #2 Every 90s for 12 minutes (8 rounds) 200m sprint

Running WOD #2 – DONE FIRST! simple 200m sprints today. Lets try and keep our pace within a few seconds for all 8 rounds. We should be getting 30s or more of rest each round, so if we can’t match that pace lets cut out run a little short and still work on improving speed. Consider taking class out to 200m mark and having them run to the 400m mark and back to avoid the parking lot, which may be tough with sprints… bring a stop watch for time.

Front Squat 4×4 Building from 60-75% 1 Rep at 53X1 1 Rep at 5XX1 2 Reps at normal Tempo

Today’s squats will have 3 different tempos. First rep will be performed with a 5 second negative and a 3 second pause, ensure that you stay tight and do not bounce to reinitiate after the pause. Second rep is performed with a 5 second negative, no pause. Last two reps are performed at normal speed. First set should be 60% with 4-5% jumps per set.