Friday, June 14th

Running WOD #1 800m Run @ 70% effort Rest 1 minute 400m Run @ 90% effort Rest 1 minute 800m Run @ 80% effort Rest 1 minute 400m Run @ 100% Effort

Running Workout #1 – we’ll be adding a running workout to most weeks with leg training after we complete this portion. Today we want to start off with a moderate half mile pace, something we could have a conversation during but also feel winded. Then we’ll rest and perform a quarter mile run at near max capacity, feeling the increase in pace. We’ll repeat both of these but adding a little effort and shaving off some time for each.

**Done after WOD** Pause Front Squat (1 second) 4×4 at 70-75%

Front Squat – ensure we’re not bottoming out or dropping our elbows in the pause, and no rediping after the pause to gain momentum!