Tuesday, June 11th

AMRAP 6 6 Burpee Box Jump Overs 30″/24″ | 24″/20″ | Step Overs 25′ Single Arm DB Walking Lunge 50/35 | 35/25 | 25/15 8 DB Hang Cleans 50/35 | 35/25 | 25/15 25′ Single Arm DB Walking Lunge Rest 2 min Repeat for a total of 3 times (22 min total w/ rest) ****** First AMRAP is single arm OVERHEAD lunge Second AMRAP is single arm FRONT RACK lunge Third AMRAP is single arm SUITCASE carry lunge Switch arms each 25′ ****

Today’s workout is going to be focused on pacing. Our goal is to shoot for 2+ full rounds on each AMRAP, so ensure that we scale the DB weight as needed to get through the lunges unbroken every round and with the same DB for all three styles.

Core: Accumulate 30 Hollow-Superman-Hollow Rolls

Core: Practicing body awareness and core control today, one rep is going to have us starting in a hollow hold (shoulder blades off the ground, glutes engaged, feet up), then without losing tension, using our core to roll us onto our stomach, raising our chest/hands/legs off the ground into a superman hold, then rolling one more time to bring us back to a hollow.