Monday, June 10th

Clean and Jerk – spend 20 minutes to build to a 1RM

While we should be practicing a squat clean and split jerk as that is most likely to let us lift the most weight possible, we want to test with our strongest lift, even if that is a power clean and a push jerk.

4RFT (12 min cap) 200m run 10 C2B Pull Ups | Pull Ups | Assisted/Ring Rows 15 Wall Balls 20/14 | 14/10 | 10/6

Workout – we have low intensity, quicker movements today so in order to get the true stimulus of the workout, we should really be pushing the 200m run and going unbroken on the movements. Aim to complete the run as fast as possible with a few deep breaths before hitting the wall balls. If you cannot string TTB together, lets aim to complete K2E while stringing them to keep the heart rate up.