Sunday, March 19th

Hero WOD – “Big Sexy” 5 Rounds For Time 6 Deadlifts (315/205 lb) 6 Burpees 5 Cleans (225/155 lb) 5 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups 4 Thrusters (155/115 lb) 4 Muscle-Ups

Scale weight accordingly, but all barbell weights should be heavy singles, with the exception of the thruster if possible. Background: Sgt. Lance “Big Sexy” McLean, 38, of Biloxi, Mississippi, died on June 29, 2013, from a gunshot wound he sustained in the line of duty on June 28, 2013. Prior to his death, McLean served as a Sergeant with the Sheriff’s Office, and as a member of the SWAT Team in Hood County, Texas. He is survived by his wife, Katy; and two children, Abigail and Quinton.