Monday, January 30th

Conditioning: AMRAP 20 50′ Dual DB Walking Lunge 50/35 | 35/20 | 20/10 (any carry) 15 TTB | K2E | Knee Raise 20 Box Jumps (24/20) | Step ups 50′ DB Walking Lunge (any carry) 15 Dual DB Push Press 50/35 20 DB Box Step Ups (Single DB, 50/35)

Core: 4 Rounds 20s hollow hold 10s rest 20s V-Ups 10s rest

This is a slow leg grinder, make sure you preach pacing. Choose any carry on the walking lunges, farmer is easier but grip fatigue with the TTB and PP may cause people to want to go to front rack. For the PP make sure people are maintaining good form, I have been seeing a lot of core breakdown on these. Scale the DB accordingly. IF YOU SCALE THE PP YOU MUST SCALE THE LUNGES/STEP UP WEIGHT)