Thursday, December 1st

Skill: Bar Muscle Up Skill Work – 15 minutes of skill work or Every 15-30 seconds for 10 minutes, 1 bar muscle up

Utilize a 15 minute clock – For those with BMU we’re going to pick either every 15 seconds or every 30 seconds for our time domain, performing a muscle up every time interval for 10 minutes. This is to start practicing quickly being able to get on the bar in a hollow position and go straight in our muscle up with no delay. Athletes do not can run through hanging hollow positioning, initiating swing with hips not feet, hips to bar drills and getting the chest back from the bar to allow the hips to rise. Jumping BMU will help to teach the quick turnover at the top.

Conditioning: For Time: 21/15/9 (12 min cap) Ring Rows (Feet Elevated) Ring Dips Hand Release Push Ups

Workout – 12 minute cap to ensure time for mobility. Ring Rows are to be performed feet elevated as rX, meaning feet must be higher than torso at full extension. Scale to regular or chest elevated.

Mobility – 10 minutes upper body focus