Wednesday, November 30th

Conditioning: AMRAP 13 Part A: 3RFT 8 Alternating Front Rack Barbell Lunge (stationary, forward step) 115/75 | 95/65 | 75/55 10 Bar Facing Burpees 8 Alternating Front Rack Barbell Lunge 10 Lateral Squat Jumps Over Barbell Part B: Use remainder time to build to heavy hang squat clean + Full Squat Clean

Lateral Squat Jumps: perform a full air squat, then from the bottom of the squat we’ll launch into a lateral jump, pressing off from our outside foot. Immediately upon finishing the three rounds we’ll go into loading our barbell for our heavy complex of one hang and one full clean (must squat!). Full clean must be touch and go, looking to get 3-4 solid attempts in.

Core: 3 Rounds for time: 6-8 Barbell Roll Outs Max Effort Hanging L-Sit Hold Rest 60s

Core: we’ll be doing hanging l-sit holds on the rig. In a deadhang, lift both legs up to 90 degrees, toes pointed out and hold. Scale will lift legs as high as possible for the hold, followed by hanging knee tuck hold.