Wednesday, November 9th

Conditioning: 5 Rounds of: AMRAP 3 20/15 Cal Row 9 Box Jumps 30″/24″ Max Power Cleans Rest 90s between rounds Rd 1: 95/65lbs | 75/55lbs Rd2: 115/75lbs | 85/65lbs Rd3: 135/95lbs | 95/75lbs Rd3: 155/105lbs | 115/85lbs Rd5: 185/125lbs | 135/95ls

Today we have 5 rounds of 3 minute AMRAPs. The goal is to get through the cal rows and box jumps as quickly as possible and perrform a max effort of power cleans in the remainder of the time. Each round has 90s of rest in which we can recover and increase our weight. Scale weights are a placeholder, we’re looking for a weight that is easy at the beginning, ending with quick single most likely on round 5.

Accessory: 3 sets of tempo straight leg deadlifts 3×5-6 reps w/ 3 second negative, 1 second pause.

Straight leg deadlifts – we want to perform this after our AMRAPs with lighter weight, really focusing on full extension WITHOUT rounding our shoulders or back, bracing through the tempo and the pause.