Thursday, September 15th

Skill: Kipping/Butterfly Pull Ups Skill Work For those with butterfly – Every 30s for 8 minutes – 5 butterfly pull ups. For those working on the butterfly, we will work on single leg assisted butterfly and kicking drills. For those working on kipping pull ups our focus will be on hip drive, hollow/arch transitions, and push-away drills.

Spend about 10 minutes on warming up, 20 minutes on butterfly/kipping drills. Teach the bicycle kick, utilize single leg while standing on box or hanging butterfly kicks without pull ups For those who have it, we are working on quickly jumping up and immediately starting the set. Scale numbers down if needed, focus today is on transition time.

3RFT 30 DU/60 SU 10 Burpee To Target 5 Chest To Bar Pull Ups 10 Pull Ups

Workout – lets try and utilize the progressions we worked on for our pull ups, rather than dropping straight to bands. Ideally we want to be able to do the 5 chest to bar and go straight into the regular pull ups without dropping.

Mobility – hip focus