Saturday, September 10th

9/11 Tribute WOD (BRING A FRIEND!)

For time, teams of 2: 40 min cap

Buy in: 2000m row or run + 1 burpee (together)

4 Rounds for time: 11 Box Jumps 24/20 or bodyweight lunges 11 Thrusters 115/85 or DB Front Squats 35/20 11 Pull Ups or Ring Rows 11 Deadlifts 115/85 or DB Deadlifts 35/20 11 HSPU or HRPU 11 Push Press 115/85 or DB Push Press 35/20 11 TTB or Sit Ups

Cash out – 2000m row or run + 1 burpee (together)

Today’s 9/11 WOD is done in teams of two. There is an crossfit experienced version (first option) and an easier scaled version for new members or the bring-a-friends. Note – you can totally scale the weight but keep the movements, scales do not HAVE to drop to the other movements.