Monday, September 5th

Gymnastic Strength: Deficit HSPU Negatives 4″/3″, 5×4 OR HSPU negatives 5×4 OR Deficit Pike Push Ups 4″/3″ 5×4 OR Dumbbell Z Press w/ 3 second negative 5×4 Rest 60-90s

Our Skill today is going to be working on increasing our range of motion. 4 Options listed, all require a 3 second negative, kick off the wall or quickly reset to the top each rep (should not press from bottom except for Z-Press). Pike push ups should be done with hand on plates, feet on ground, NOT on the box today.

For time (20 min cap) 50 Sit Up, 25/20 cal row, 10 Deadlifts 315/215 40 Sit Up, 20/15 cal row, 8 Deadlifts 30 sit up, 15/12 cal row, 6 Deadlifts 20 sit up, 10/7 cal row, 4 Deadlifts 10 sit up, 5/4 cal row, 2 Deadlifts

Workout – We’re combing a core and posterior intensive triplet today, so lets really focus on bracing our core on these heavy deadlifts.