Thursday, August 11th

Skill: Ring MU – Spend ~ 10 minutes working on kipping drills then ~ 5 minutes to perform 3 max effort super sets of strict ring pull ups/ring rows + ring dips, rest 60s between sets. Ring MU – E2MOM for 10 – perform 50% of max ring MU

Conditioning: AMRAP 3: 3 Ring MU / MU progressions 30 DU/30 SU Rest 60s Repeat twice

Workout – We will be performing ring MU or MU progressions found in part one for the workout. For those that have some MUs, okay to scale number down to 2 or 1 per round. AMRAP 3 (looking for 2-3 rounds), rest 60s, repeat twice for a total of 11 minutes on the clock.

Mobility – 10 minutes of hip mobility