Monday, August 1st

Weightlifting: 15′ to complete 4 complexes: 3 TNG Cleans 2 Front Squats 1 Jerk Start around 65% and build

Strength – straight out of the 2022 semi-finals we will be taking this gnarly complex for a spin. Cleans must be TNG, but can be power or squat. If squatting, your third squat clean does NOT count as one of your front squats.

Conditioning: The Hateful Eight AMRAP 8 8 Pull Ups 8 Box Jumps 24″/20″ 8 TTB 8 Alt DB Snatch 50/35

Workout – we have a short, low rep AMRAP today which means we need to move quickly and consistently for the entire 8 minutes. All reps should be something that we can easily do unbroken throughout, so scale accordingly.