Friday, July 29th

Gymnastic strength: 4 Supersets Strict HSPU to failure Standing Plate Front Delt Raise – 6-8 reps 25/15 Rest 2 min

Strength: we’re going to form failure on our strict HSPU today. Scaling to 1 mat, pike push ups on box/floor, or DB z-press. Immediately after we’re grabbing our plate, standing with a strong core and shoulder brace, performing front delt raises as high as possible WITHOUT our shoulders rolling out of our brace.

Conditioning: “Swole Patrol” For Time: (15 min cap) 100 DU/200 SU 50 Dumbbell Push Presses (40/25 lb DBs) 25 Dumbbell Push-Ups 50 Dumbbell Push Presses (40/25 lb DBs) 100 DU/SU

Workout – a gnarly, lighter weight upper body burner. Lets try to hang on for big sets on the push presses, while limiting our sets on our push ups to small sets with short breaks.