Monday, July 25th

Strength: 4 Supersets Bench Press – 10 reps at 55-60% Max Push Up Position (bottom) plank hold) Rest 90s

Strength – superset our classic bench press with a bottom of push up position hold, chest about 1″ off the ground. Holding with solid plank form for as long as possible, then dropping and rolling out, resting 90s between supersets.

5RFT (15 min cap) 200m Run 8 Strict Pull Ups 16 Pausing Push Ups (pause at top)

Workout – Combining a short run with a classic push/pull strength combo. Pull Ups should be able to be done in 2 sets, scale numbers accordingly. Push ups MUST have a brief pause at the top of the rep to ensure full extension, arms locked fully out.