Tuesday, June 7th

Gymnastic Strength: Alt EMOM 12: Minute 1: 5-8 Strict HSPU Minute 2: 25 Hollow Rocks

Strength – Supersetting strict HSPU with a ‘target’ number that should be modified based on the athlete’s ability. Scaling will go to 1 mat, pike push up on box or floor, then z-press. If we’re scaling, we’re still shooting for that target range. Alternating HSPU every minute with our hollow rocks to work on core stability.

Conditioning: For Time: (15 min cap) 800m run 45 KBS 53/35 30 Pull Ups 400m run 30 KBS 53/35 20 Pull Ups 200m run 15 KBS 53/35 10 Pull Ups

Workout – we’re going to have to be aggressive on this one, pushing the run and attempting larger sets on the KBS and Pull Ups. Scale weight to 35/26 then 26/18, pull ups to jumping/banded pull ups or ring rows.