Friday, June 3rd

Strength: 4 giant sets of: A1) Back Rack Reverse Lunge 4×4/leg A2) Jumping Air Squat 4×12 A3) DB RDL 4×8

Strength – we’re going to be working on a giant set including a heavy lunge combined with an explosive movement and a hamstring dominant accessory movement. For the lunges, no ab mats are allow unless there is a signficant knee issue. If we need an ab mat, we are not controling the rep to the bottom. Our knees should tap the ground, not crash into it or shift all of our weight to it.

Conditioning: For Time: (20 min cap) 500m/450m row 80 air squats 60 KB swings 44/26 200′ DB Overhead Walking Lunge 50/35 60 KB swings 80 air squats 500m/450 row

Workout – we have lighter loads today but with a larger volume. We want to find a steady pace on the row and squats, breaking as little as possible. KB swings should be able to be completed in 3-5 sets to preserve grip. Your lunges can switch arms at any 25′ interval, but must complete 25′ before switching.