Tuesday, May 31st

Strength: Bench Press 4×3 @ 85% 1RM

Bench press – drop % by 5-10% if feeling the effects from yesterday’s Murph, but it will do us good to perform some pressing to open our pecs up and alleviate soreness.

For time: 400m run 10 Turkish Get Ups 35/26 15 burpee to target 20 OH Squats 115/85 15 burpee to target 10 Turkish Get Ups 35/26 400m run

Workout – we’re looking to move smoothly through the run, TGU, and burpee portions, with a moderate weight on the barbell that we can finish in 1-2 sets at the most. Our goal is to then keep the pace or speed up coming back down the pyramid. TGU weight is lighter so lets try and move smoothly through them without breaking the reps up.