Monday, May 23rd

Gymnastic Strength: A1) Single Arm DB Push Press 3×6 @ 31X1 tempo A2) Wall Facing Handstand Hold @ 60% effort

Strength: DB Push Press should be heavy enough to really challenge our 3 second negative. We’re looking for the entire negative to be the same speed, meaning we do not pick up speed as the DB gets closer to our shoulder where we’re weakest. Handstand holds should be done at about 60% effort, meaning as soon as we start feeling the fatigue in our shoulders to come off the wall. Do not burn out the shoulders completely which will cause our PP to suffer.

Conditioning: AMRAP 12 7 Push Press 95/65 11 Goblet Squats 53/35 15 Box Jump 24/20 *Every 3 minutes, starting at 0 must stop and complete 3 wall walks*