Thursday, May 19th

Skill: Ring MU – Spend ~ 10 minutes working on kipping dips then ~ 10 minutes to accumulate 15 ring pull ups or strict ring rows and 25 dips (kipping/strict) Ring MU – perform one set for max reps, then 4 sets for half of that number.

Today’s skill day will be focused on the dreaded ring muscle up. Coaches will spend a total of 20 minutes working on progressions for all athletes, whether it be strict strength work (ring rows and dips) or banded turnover drills. Use the most difficult progression you can complete with good form as your reps for the MU in the workout. There will be no substituting bar muscle ups today.

Conditioning: AMRAP 9 3 Ring MU or 3 Ring MU progressions 6 HSPU 9 Deadlift 225/185

Mobility – shoulder/pec focused