Tuesday, May 10th

Gymnastic Strength: Strict Pull Up – 1 set matching reps in week 1 followed by 3 sets of 60% that number.

Pulling strength – we want to come out with a large set matching what we did in week 1. We should have a rep or two left in the tank, do NOT exceed what you hit. For those that missed the test, complete one large set, leaving a few reps in the tank, followed by 60% of that number.

Conditioning: AMRAP 16 10 Push Press 95/65 100m run 10 Power Clean 95/65 100m run 10 Front Squats 95/65 100m run

Workout – we’re looking for every movement to be unbroken for the duration of the workout, with the run being just enough to bring our heart rate down and shake our arms/legs out before getting right back to the barbell.