Thursday, April 21st

Skill work: KB and DB Snatch

Skill – we’ll be working on both the DB and KB snatch today. Primary focuses will be: Dumbbell snatch – working on keeping torso up, utilizing hip drive, transitioning mid air, breathing at the top. KB snatch – keeping the KB close to our bodies, aggressively punching through to prevent the KB slamming on our wrists, hip drive.

AMRAP 13 16 KB Snatch (53/35) 10 hand-release burpee 16 Single KB Deadlift 30 DU/30s DU progressions

Workout – we should be using a KB for this, not a DB, to work on our weaker movement. The KB deadlift should be done 8/right arm then 8/left arm.

Mobility – lower body focus