Thursday, February 17th

Gymnastic Skill:

Kipping HSPU Skill Work: 15 minutes of skill work.
A) Kicking to wall, negatives, wall walks option 1
B) Kipping HSPU technique work with 1-2 mats
C) Kipping HSPU technique work with no mats
D) Deficit Kipping HSPU technique work (hands on plates or paralettes)”

Last week we worked on strict HSPU, this week we will be working on the kipping portion, specifically hand-head placement (tripod) and leg drive. For those that are proficient, we want to add a deficit and practice the increased range of motion.

Conditioning: 3 rounds for time of: 25/20 Row Calories 15 Handstand Push-ups 50 Double Unders

Workout: We want to set a fast pace on the row out of the gate. HSPU can be done with no more than two mats, subbing in pike push ups (not z-press today). DU scale 2:1 (100).

Cool down – 15 minutes of upper body mobility