Monday, January 3rd

***Reminder to come and join Coach Meg and Crossfit Woodbridge for Mobilize and Sip this Friday at 5pm!***

Strength: EMOM 8 – 5 Front Squats (from floor) at 70-75% 1RM Squat Clean

Our strength today we will be working on our squat stamina and strength while taking the bar from the ground. We can power clean and then complete 5 squats, or 1 squat clean and 4 additional squats. The focus will be on quickly getting into our squat stance and completing our reps to earn a bit of rest.

Conditioning: 3 rounds for time of: 20 Double Dumbbell Push Jerks, 40/25 lbs 40 Double Unders 20 Single Dumbbell Box Step-ups, 40/25 lbs 40 Double Unders

Workout – we’re reducing the weight to work on volume with the DB jerks today. Lets aim to complete these in no more than 2 sets and try to go unbroken on the step ups since we’re dropping one of the DBs. If we’re working on DUs, lets cap these at a minute if we’re struggling and finish the remainder as single unders.