Tuesday, December 28th

Weightlifting: 6 sets of 1 Power Clean + 1 Hang Squat Clean at 75% 1RM

Weightlifting: Often times we do better on getting vertical on a power clean from the floor, but we tend to drive our hips too far forward when taking it from the hang. Today we’re going to work on reinforcing that by having our second rep be a hang squat clean where we try to initiate the lift by driving our feet into the ground and pulling our chest high, no bringing our hips forward into the bar. ~ 2 min rest between sets.

Conditioning: AMRAP 9: 5 Handstand Push Ups, 10 Hand Release Push Ups, 15 Med Ball Cleans 20/14

Workout – fairly straightforward, we will combine the first two movements for a total of 15 pressing reps, and the cleans with 15 squatting/pulling reps. We want to try to stay unbroken throughout, so pace your first couple of rounds. HSPU should scale to pike push ups before scaling to z-press. Reminder, ALL med ball cleans are squat cleans.