Monday, December 20th

Weightlifting: Every 2 minutes for 12 minutes (6 sets) complete 3 front squats & 2 split jerks at 70% of 1RM (of your clean and jerk)

We will be taking these from the rack today, so no need to clean it each complex. We’re going to use the squats to begin fatiguing our quads and trying to force engagement of the hips and glutes on the jerks to compensate.


Workout – DU number should scale down if we cannot complete in under 2.5 minutes. Front Rack Lunges (single KB) should be forward stepping and alternate arms as you wish (legs alternate every rep) so that I may perform 10 reps front rack right arm, then 10 reps front rack left arm, ect. KB Swings should be able to be completed in no more than 5 sets.