Monday, December 6th

Strength: Front Squat 4×4 Building from 60-75% 1 Rep at 53X1 1 Rep at 5XX1 2 Reps at normal Tempo

Today’s squats will have 3 different tempos. First rep will be performed with a 5 second negative and a 3 second pause, ensure that you stay tight and do not bounce to reinitiate after the pause. Second rep is performed with a 5 second negative, no pause. Last two reps are performed at normal speed. First set should be 60% with 4-5% jumps per set.

Conditioning: “Oh My Quads” For Time (20 min cap) 800m run 40 Deadlifts 225/155 40/30 Cal Assault Bike 40 Dual DB Box Step Overs 35/20 800m Run

Workout – we are looking to complete each section of this in 4 minutes or less. If time permits, stagger classes by 3-4 minutes in start time to allow the bike to stay available, or switch the bike and the box step overs to stagger the equipment.