Monday, June 14th

Weightlifting: Push Jerk Cycling – Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes (5 sets) perform 10 Push Jerks – we are practicing cycling a moderate weight for a larger volume. Choose a weight that is slightly more than what you would normally do in a workout, and something that you are confident you can perform at least 15 reps of when fresh.

Conditioning: For time: 50/40 Assault Bike Calories 40 Toes-to-bars 30 Power Cleans, 115/85 lbs 20 Front Squats, 115/85 lbs 10 Bar Muscle-ups

Pull Ups are only 1:1 today, but MUST perform 1 pull up, then 1 dip, then 1 pull up, ect. Working on transitioning between the pull and the pressing portion of the MU in our scale

Cal Bike should be the first thing people do, once 4 bikes are taken, then rowers are an option. However, we should be seeing people that only ever row use the bike. If time allows, you can run heats and stagger the start time by about 3/4 minutes.