All-in challenge!

Ok!!! Here we go. We are starting our All-in challenge September 9th, 2017. What’s All-in? All-in is an all inclusive lifestyle pick-me-up, an all around life face lift shifting from trying to fit health and fitness into your life to MAKING it your routine.

“I was going to mobilize but, I have to run and do this thing”

“I was going to commit to counting macros to be better but then I was on Instagram”

“Dude, yeah I totally need to get more sleep but I’m not (blank stare)…”

Well, that’s great and all but, here we are..the same, expecting results without putting in the work, being frustrated with our weight, being frustrated with your workouts or JUST NOT KNOWING HOW TO (enter your weakness here) This is why we are doing this All-in challenge.  To better your life, create habits you can take with you and actually DO IT!!

Here’s how it works:
All-in is an 8 week challenge including Nutrition coaching, Mobility challenges, 8 Weekly challenges to improve your overall lifestyle and day-to-day life, Extra Olympic lifting classes, Group check-ins for Q&A, Workout accountability and a workout at the start and end to measure progress!  All aspects of the challenge will be accounted for by using a point system.  Hit your macros for the day, get a point, get the challenge of the day/week done, get a point, do your WOD, get a point, you get it.

Main event:  Macro Counting taught by Coach StephanieA kick-off seminar will be on Saturday Sept 9th at 9am.  This seminar will show you exactly how to track YOUR macro-nutrients and actually do flexible dieting not just guess.

A kick-off WOD will be right after the seminar.


Are you going to be taking this on solo??

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In Teams of 2

1 partner working at a time

30 min AMRAP

5 push-ups

10 kettlebell swings (53,35)

15 squats

Run 200 m.