Saturday, June 10th

Sitting in the office this week with coach Steve we were talking about how awesome this fundraiser has been for us.  For me, it’s cool to have a vehicle in which we can reach as many people as possible when we do these sort of things.  For Steve, this is held close to his heart for many reasons.  Guys, we raised $3,475 for K9 officers in need of vests and IFAC equipment which is medical/triage equipment that their county can’t afford.  This is a big deal.  We did that.  We raised that together and we are definitely proud of that.  We would like to thank you for the donations, sharing the posts and blogs about the event and overall being an incredible community of humans.



As a team of one complete the following:

Run 5K and THREE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FIVE BURPEES!!! (It may be more in the morning..)