Fri, Feb 17th


Back Squat 6×2 @80%

What?? squatting twice this week at a deload weight?  Something must be coming up on Monday…

Yes, Monday is a 1Rm back Squat Day.  I don’t care if you haven’t been consistent in this squat cycle or you have been.  Monday is the day to get a number that you will need for another 2 months.  There is nothing more frustrating than asking what 1Rm’s or percentages are when you are squatting and you don’t know.  Winging it, guessing or otherwise isn’t going to help you AT ALL.  If you miss Monday MAKE IT UP on the strong side so you have this number!!!!


5 rounds

Row 30 cal

20 ring dips

rest as needed between rounds. **Max Effort each round!!