Tuesday, Jan 31st

Retesting Amanda today.  We’ve been over some muscle up technique work as well as some snatch work this month to help gain some efficiency as well as some time savers.  There are many ways to get tangible feedback to know if you’re progressing in certain areas.  Take this workout for example.  You can simply do the same weight and movements and get faster therefore, fitter.  Or, you can get better at all aspects of the workout and not improve on your time but, you still got better.  There is not way you can lose if you got better at just one thing.  Maybe it’s receiving the snatch, being able to touch and go better, being able to determine if touch and go is even a better way to do it at all..  knowing these things about your own fitness and becoming intimate with the details of your own progress is a must.  The time, score, rounds or whatever we use to gauge progress is just a mechanical indicator of ..something else.




Snatch (135,95)