Thurs, Jan 26th *note on standards

The standards are starting to slip again in a big way.  I am not talking about complex movements like the squat snatch, but basic movements like air squats and pull-ups.  If you only focus on intensity and throw form and range of motion out the window, you are doing it wrong and setting yourself up for failure and possible injury.  We are building lasting fitness, mobility, flexibility, speed, accuracy and balance through the complete range of motion on EVERY movement.  The hip goes below the knee, the chin goes over the bar EVERY TIME.  This is the way to get better; not cutting reps or decreasing the range of motion.



15 minutes to establish a heavy snatch.

*Before every attempt at a heavy snatch perform 10 max effort burpees


6 rounds

6 KB swings (70,53)

12 Hand release push-ups