New Year programming and class plan

Moving forward in 2016 I’d like to bring a little more structure and continuity to the programming and in turn, the classroom setting.  The goal is to bring better scales, progressions, goals and results to you each day and week in the new year.

 The weekly program will look like this:

-Two strength days.  One day being a low rep/high weight squat or Oly  day.  The other being a higher rep mid-range day like a 10 rep max push press or like movement.  The goal being to address weaknesses during those workouts that demand strength endurance.  You will also see complexes with the Oly lifts to prepare for some WODs that demand higher rep/mid-weight Oly lifting i.e 30 snatches at 135# then 165# with 30 burpees in between like open WOD 13.1.

-Two switch days.  This will be a day where the METCON comes first then the lift.  Not all the time will you lift fresh.

-At least two skill days focusing on progressions and mastering movement for all levels.

-One long workout day.  EX: 15-20 minute AMRAPs

-Lastly, a past Open or Open-like workout to test and find some more weaknesses. The open workout will be tied into the skill days that came before that day so you can actually put into play what you’ve learned in classes.

-Saturdays will still be partner fun days.

Moving forward with this programming we are also going to enable the level system within classes.  This is being done so that we can give you more tangible progressions daily and weekly that will build over time.  For example, each week of programming will be accompanied with scaling and progressions that we will be using for each level of athlete.  Handstand push-ups for example, will have Lvl 1 scaling and progressions, as well as level 2 and level 3 scaling and progressions.  So, each level will have the ability to look at the workout and say “ok, I’m in level 2 for this one and the scales available for me today are xx.”    This will be available for Level 3 peeps as well.  “Hey, level 3 people over here…  The movement today is muscle-ups, here are the progressions to go from one muscle up to stringing them together and then getting better at stringing some kipping muscle-ups as well”  So level 3 guys and girls aren’t just remaining where they are, they have progressions to master movement as well.  This doesn’t lock anyone in to a level, it’s strictly a guide for the day.

This will bring more continuity to the scaling and progressions in class, actual goals for you to reach and it will create progress for everyone.

There is no definitive level per se.  If you can do one movement but not the other it’s going to be up to you and the coach to determine which progression/scale is best for them from the list on the whiteboard.  This is an art not a science and there are absolutely no stigmas with these levels.  It’s a way to create more flow, continuity between coaches and athletes to create goals for you.

This plan will be starting up on Monday, January 2nd.  There’s nothing you need to do as an athlete aside from working with your coach and pushing yourself like always!  Happy New Year!


Hang Snatch for 20 minutes to establish a heavy FULL hang snatch


EMOM for 12 minutes

2x Hang snatch @75% of previously established hang snatch