Partner Calf Stretches

Find a friend that owes you money or that beat you in the last WOD, and have fun working the kinks out in the calves this week!

  1. You will need a bar with at least 25lb plates on the end (anything less will collapse under their legs when you’re pushing) and, of course, a buddy.
  2. Have your buddy sit on the ground with their legs draped over the barbell. Be sure their Achilles’ tendon is not in contact with the bar, but rather slightly lower (higher up the calf).
  3. Take your hands and apply pressure to the top of their legs as you rotate them back and forth over the barbell. Do not be gentle with this but do not be too aggressive; your buddy’s face will let you know how much pressure you should/shouldn’t apply.
  4. Continue to move up the calves by having them scoot their booties closer to the bar. You want to go all the way up to just about that knee-pit area; switch partners after you have reached the top of the calf.
  5. Don’t forget to breathe and keep your facial muscles relaxed!

Happy stretching!