A note about counting reps

It has come to my attention and the attention of the coaching staff that there is some miscounting during the WOD.   I know that you are trying your best to get to the top of the leader board and/or beat such and such but by cheating, you are doing yourself a disservice and in turn, not allowing yourself to reach your full potential.  My goal and the goal of the coaching staff is to help you get better in any and all aspects of fitness and sometimes that spills over into life as well.  Miscounting, shaving reps and straight up cheating just discounts those efforts and moreover, disrespects everyone who actually does believe in those aforementioned principles of fitness and coaching.   Let me be clear in saying that we don’t care if you come in first or last but we do demand a certain level of respect, accountability and integrity while you are here.  If you absolutely cannot do that and feel the need to keep doing what you’re doing please do let me know as soon as possible and I can try and find a gym that will take on an athlete like yourself.

When you put that score on the whiteboard each coach and everyone in class knows it isn’t true.  We all know.  Just stop, swallow some pride and start to rebuild the respect you’ve lost by honoring the workout as it’s written.



work up to a heavy Power clean + jerk for 20 mins



30 Power clean and Jerks for time

*Stand each jerk up before dropping the barbell.