2 times a day?


Last week I had an interesting question.  One of our bootcampers is an avid runner, and is training for a race.  She is struggling to find balance between her bootcamp workouts, which she loves, and her long runs.  She asked if it would be too much for her to (regularly) run and do a bootcamp/Crossfit all in one day.  The answer is YES.  The bootcamp workouts serve the high intensity of the aerobic systems more than running, which will in turn, make your running better and faster.  I’ve actually had many runners come to me and ask about this.  A healthy balance of high intensity activity, strength training, and lower intensity running is going to make you an efficient (and healthy!) runner.

4 March 2014

Accumulate 7 minutes in plank position

*every time you rest, you must do 15 wall balls.

Accumulate 5 minutes in wall sit

*every time you rest, you must do 15 squats.

Accumulate 3 minutes in squat position

*every time you rest, you must do 15 push ups