Help each other out


I’ve asked several of you if you enjoy the partner days, and everyone says they absolutely do.  Why do we do these types of workouts?  I believe, and have experienced myself, that we push ourselves more when a partner is watching and waiting for us.  When we have someone standing there waiting for their turn, and getting those reps done depends on both of you, it’s encouraging and motivating.  That’s why we love partner WODs.  If you come to bootcamp on Saturday mornings, you’ll see the Crossfit class doing their weekly partner WOD.  So really take this opportunity to push yourself and get this WOD done QUICKLY!  Don’t just go through the movements, push it!!!

28 January 2014

Teams of 2 or 3:

100 pull ups

100 box step overs

100 push ups

**everytime you switch partners, both partners do 3 burpees