Fun in fitness

imageWhat makes us stick to a workout regimen? Obviously results are a big motivator in sticking to exercise. But there are a variety of ways to see results. I believe fun is so important to long term exercise compliance. If you aren’t having fun, or at least staying entertained and busy during your workouts, you have a very little chance of sticking to whatever you’re doing long term.  That’s why I think the type of workouts that us bootcampers do will provide results. They are fun and constantly varied. So keep your body guessing, keep having fun, and I guarantee you’ll see long term compliance and success. It’s your time of day to give back to yourself, so keep it fun and something you enjoy doing.

6 December 2014

8 min amrap

10 box jumps

10 push ups

1 min run/rest

8 min amrap

5 burpees to plate

10 overhead plate lunges