Task versus time


There are two different ways to program workouts: time priority based workouts, and task priority based workouts.  A task priority workout is done for time, or as fast as you can.  For instance, doing a certain amount of rounds or reps is a task workout.  For example: “Complete 5 rounds,” or “Complete 50 reps,” etc.

A time priority workout is usually an AMRAP.  If you’re doing as many rounds or reps as possible in a given time cap, that’s a time priority workout.

You probably find you prefer one over the other.  For many people, an AMRAP is  a mental game, and you may find you tend to hold back for fear of “having to do these movements for so many more minutes!”  When you’re doing a task priority workout, you may tend to think “after these reps I’m done, so let’s get them done quickly!”

Which do you prefer, and why?

7 November 2013

AMRAP in 20

5 push ups

10 standing lunges holding med ball

15 wall balls