Special event


Bootcampers!  Next Saturday, November 30th, we will be having a special event for bootcamp.  A group of runners from the VA Runner store down the road will be running to our track and joining us for bootcamp.  Now, it would mean so much to me if a big group of my bootcampers  came out to show these runners why it’s so important to vary your training, build muscle, and strength train.  I am not sure how many there will be, but it’s definitely an opportunity for us to make friends with local businesses and show them what’s up at CFW.  It’ll just be us bootcampers and the runners.  This is going to be happening at 8am, versus the normal 9am Saturday time.  Please come out and support!!!

Today we’ll be doing a good ole fashioned Crossfit WOD to get your weekend started right!

23 November, 2013


3 rounds:

Run 400 meters (3 laps)

21 KBS

12 Pull ups