Up the intensity!


It’s really easy to look at a workout and think “that sounds easy.”  While a workout may contain simple movements that when done alone are easy, it’s up to you to add the intensity.  The intensity of a workout is directly related to what you give it.  For example, in a workout such as an AMRAP, the goal is to get an many rounds/reps as possible.  So if you’re competing with yourself (or maybe a friend), don’t just go through the motions of the workout until the time is up; give it your all, and try and get as many rounds and reps as you can.  This being said, using good form is imperative, and adds intensity as well.  Whether it’s an AMRAP workout, or a “rounds for time” workout, pick a goal and shoot for it.  It’s YOUR workout!  Make it count!

November 4, 2013

50 jumping squats with dumbbells

50 push ups with dumbbell row

50 dumbbell push press

50 box step ups

Every minute on the minute: 5 burpees